It's my month! yeay!

10:43 AM


It's my favourite month amongs another months. I don't know maybe because it's my birth month, the month that is very first time brought me to enter this world. Thanks to my MOM! Love ya! :*

Just in few days and few weeks later on...I'll have my birthday celebration. I don''t know should I be happy or how? It's is the very first time for me to celebrate without my family. Suddendly I miss home again. or really should I call it HOME?

I have no passion on this year. I have no goal. I have nothings to achieve. Seems like my purpose on this life was nothings. I do another boring day as usual. work work play work. but its just felt flat. hmm... like somethings is change something is missing. and i don't know what. its like my tense of living has gone...

I got what I need, and it's just felt nothing. the goal have been achieve and i dont have a new goal. I felt like I'm not the girl that I used to be. I really felt that my sense of living has decreased and being flat. I have no tense of interest to doing anything. My life has changes a lot.

I suddenly get a flashback on what I used to be. Usually I always hang out. Go anywhere anytime. Watch movie a lot. Do a lot of things. Put on beautiful stuff. Careless. Go to the nice place. but now my tense of doing that things has gone. being flat and boring. hmmm... WTH?

I miss to be crazy again. ha ha ha.

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  2. This too will past dear.
    Be patient and cheer up always.
    even we're not to close, but i can felt that you are changes ,.
    but i dont know what happened . And after i read yr blog. Maybe i knew thats the problem. If im not mistaken.


    1. OH MY GOSH youre actually reading this?!!! hahhaha i just read your comment. sorry.... :( kiss**** :*


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