6:27 AM


...When world has drained you for nothing...

Do you ever feel like you're there but "you" not there?

Do you ever feel like you need the time for "filtering" all the things that sudden come?

Do you ever feel like you're happy but can't enjoy it?

I felt tired.
I felt enough.
I felt nothings.


Finally we're separated. Finally we're out of place that we used to call 'HOME', like what we've been dreamed of. Finally we're on the way off to our own future... But then the word 'on the way' is not as easy as we thought. Life is tough, indeed. I always thought that I'm the left one, I'm the most critically suffer one. Actually... I'm not. My sister, she is still so young and I think too inappropriate for her to taste this bitter world. My brother... I don't know the way he think. And I want them all to be happy, of course.

I'm in the middle of two pillar that already break down, and what I need to do is build it up again or stay strong to hold them all. But then again, I just don't get it, I miss them. Miss the things call family. Even we're not close enough. I felt jealous 'sometimes' to others. Even my others family only can talk talk and talk, less helping more frustrating.

I always being busy lately, doing my job, hobbies, and *I'mnotsurewhy* gym. I always going out, having fun, but then it is not enough. I felt like something missing. I felt like it not like what I used to be. Even tough that seems like I always having fun with my friends, it is not. I still felt alone. I like being alone but is not what I wanted for the rest of my life. Sometimes, friends or what we called as "FRIENDS" will not always there when you needed. That's what I've learn lately. There's friends in need. A LOT.

After I read my sister blog [ AliceOlice ] , then I think of myself back then. I still remember the time back at high school when everybody is still keep cheers each other, making fun, idea, silly things, bbq-ing, chatting, hang out, or anythings else. Then I compare with my situation right now. Nowadays so many peops have two-face, even you're close enough or not at all. 

--It used to be people meet when they have spare time, nowadays peoples meet when there's appointment or else when they need us...--

// UPDATE //

This is the messy page with the weird plot. Sorry, to have you guys read that. When I wrote this my heart is BLUE. So, read it and leave it, or not? Ha Ha Ha.

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  1. Yeah, indeed.
    We're all actually the same. . .


    your wfeo sister

    1. I have no idea why you can read this!

      But then talk less do more, do me a favor. Buy me a ticket.

      Ha ha ha.

      Ass bumps,

      Your wfeo sister.

  2. Of course I can, dude!

    But no, ticket my butt. I am broke, sincerely. But, I can afford for two samyang spicy ramyun. :D

    Ass bumped,
    your wfeo sister.


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