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"Although You may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. Hard work will never betray you" -- Kang Gary 

I really agree with that quote, but if I may... I will add some words at the back.

"...Hard work will never betray you, but anythings else will..."

Actually it is a common quotes that people always said to encourage somebody or to cheers somebody. In my case, I write down this to cheers me up and my friends or maybe to let somebody open their mind.

We all already did our best.
Whatever we do although for somebody its kinda weird, we still did our best.
People have eyes to see, and a mouth to say.
We know which one is better and we can compare.
But fak with that.

I don't care what people wanna say.
It's have negative and positive perception. 
It's doesn't matter if we can win or not.
The matter is we did our best without put one hand at our back.

We do our hard work not only for one spot light.
We do our hard work not only for winning a competition.
We do our hard work because we know what can we do and we'll very appreciate and happy if somebody love our hard work and appreciate what we did. 
Not only for gain a gift or something else like title.

So whoever you are I just telling you that...

Whatever you do, don't expect too much. Do your best. You'll never know what's next. Even somebody try to let you down, remember you know your best and people have eyes to see it

"Don't be proud of something that you should ashamed, but proud of something that can make you shine." -- Author. 



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